It’s Summer!

I’ve been done with the spring semester for two weeks now, and it feels SO GOOD. As expected, I made all A’s in my classes, which means I officially have a 4.0 GPA and all my first attempt grades are A’s! My finals were extremely easy…I think the hardest final was the standardized chemistry test, and the one I expected to be the hardest, which wasn’t, was the microbiology final. I was freaking out about that final – feeling WAY less prepared than I actually was. I ended up getting a 99 on the chemistry final, a 100 on my statistics final, a 100 on my developmental psychology final, and a 95 on my microbiology final!

 I registered for and scheduled the TEAS-V test Wednesday!! I really wasn’t sure which day to schedule it for, since I’m not sure how much I need to prepare and how long it’ll take me before I feel ready, so I scheduled it for July 23rd. Hopefully (and probably most definitely) that gives me enough time to study and prepare well for it. I started studying for it last week, and yesterday sat down for hours and finished the reading portion and about half of the math portion. So far, with all that checked off, I’m feeling really confident about it. 

 Maybe I just haven’t gotten into the harder subject material yet, but I can’t help but feel that this test is very elementary. If I get through the study manual quickly and take the two practice tests and do well, then I’ll probably re-schedule the TEAS-V for an earlier date. Then all I’ll need to do is pay $30 bucks and officially submit the nursing school application, and I’ll be done with the whole application process! It’ll be only a waiting game until November.