I wonder if it is normal to want to get into nursing school so bad that my heart hurts?? It truly does. I just can’t stand not knowing yet, after coming so far, if I’m really going to be accepted and starting in the spring. After actually applying for the nursing program, scheduling the TEAS exam, and being in contact with the advisors at TWU, the wait seems even harder now…and I think that’s because this is actually happening. This isn’t just a distant dream that I’m pressing toward anymore, I’m now at the point where I can be proactive about getting into nursing school. But now that I’ve applied, I can also be denied – and that scares me. 

I’m also nervous about making sure that I’m not missing any steps or paperwork in this process. I already had to contact one of the advisors because I realized I filled out part of the application wrong. She got it cleared up for me in no time, but stuff like that makes me even more anxious. What else have I forgotten?  

I definitely will be calling/setting up an appointment with the nursing school admissions coordinator in early August to make sure my file is perfect and ready to go before the September 1st deadline. 

Things I need to double-check with her:

  • Making sure the new grade for the one class I retook – chemistry – will be counted toward my GPA instead of the old grade.
  • Making sure they have my Fall 2012 schedule listed in my file. This is what I missed when filling out my application, and it’s important that they know I’m still finishing (and will have finished!) all my non-nursing pre-reqs before the start of the Spring 2013 semester. 
  • Making sure they received my TEAS score, and that it’s the correct score. I heard a horror story about last semester – a girl was denied because she scored an 85 on her TEAS but TWU received it as a 58! 

I’m pretty sure that’s all I need to confirm…I’m definitely ready to be past the September 1st deadline so that I can try and put all this on the back burner of my mind for two months; after all, there’s nothing I can possibly do at that point so why stress about it, right? 

OMG I just wish it were November already.


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