Done and Done

I took the TEAS-V today!!! And it was HARD. Much harder than I expected or prepared for. I can only hope that I pulled above an 85 out of that one; in fact I think I’ll just be happy if I get an 80-anything. I was certain I was going to get my test score right away…but nope. I walked out of the testing area and the lady told me that I have to wait 48 hours and then it *should* be up online! Ahhh. Oh well. The hours will fly by because I’m going to be cleaning and organizing my office for this upcoming semester. ๐Ÿ™‚ However, I can’t promise that I haven’t already looked on the website about 5 times now in hopes that they lied and put it up earlier than expected, haha!

Dear God, PLEASE let it be higher than an 85!!




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