And My Score Is….

A 92%!!!!!!!

When I got the email that said my transcript had been sent to TWU, I froze. That meant my results were up online! So quickly I looked up the website, fearing what I might see when the report popped up. And then…I squealed!! I can’t believe I made a 92!! Of course I was crossing my fingers that I’d make above an 85, but didn’t dare hope I’d ACTUALLY make a score in the 90’s. WHOOP!!!



7 thoughts on “And My Score Is….

  1. Hey sorry to bother you with old stuff.
    But when it came to studying for teas did you only use the ATI manual? Or how did u study in order to get such a high teas score? Any tips?

  2. Hi Maggie!

    Yes, when studying for the TEAS-V I only used the ATI manual. I bought a couple of CliffNote books from Barnes and Noble to brush up on my chemistry, A&P, and general biology, but I didn’t open them once! I studied for about two weeks prior to my testing date, took the two paper tests in the back of the manual, and then went online and bought the two online tests and took them. All four of the practice tests I got bad scores on – in fact I think that the highest test score I got was an 82…I think the actual test is a lot easier than the practice tests. Hope this helps!!

    • Hey Amber,

      Yes that did help a lot. Thank you so much! My roommate and read your blog all the time πŸ™‚ keep it up Amber! πŸ˜€

      • Yes I am. I am a TWU per nursing student I applied this fall 2013 but sadly didn’t get an email. I am assuming it was my TEAS because wit wasn’t high enough so I am just like asking for advice. But thank you this spring I am going for Huston and hopefully I get in this second time:D
        Your blog gets me excited…but first thig is try to get an A on the teas

      • Oh good luck to you! I’m sorry you didn’t get an email this time around. But don’t give up hope. Do what you can and with determination and perseverance you’ll achieve your dreams. πŸ˜€ Let me know how the next application round goes!

      • Yeah I will this fall I applied to Dallas and I know we still have second round to go but I don’t want to get my hopes up so I just decided that, this next time I am going for Huston…& yeah I am determine to get an A teas…& get in this time

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