My Meeting

I had a meeting with the admissions coordinator (the AC) for the TWU nursing program yesterday. It went great! Of course I got to Dallas a full HOUR before my meeting, but I killed time by scouting out the nearest Starbucks and grabbing a drink. πŸ˜‰ Hey, now I know where the Starbucks is!

So, the AC went over my transcripts and answered the few questions I had. Yes, my second attempt at Chemistry would be the grade they accept; yes, they received my TEAS-V score and it was the correct score; my application was in; and, finally, I wasn’t forgetting anything and the classes I’m taking this fall are the only classes I need before nursing school. I’m all set!!

The AC told me several times that I am a “very competitive student.” That’s got to be good, right? Haha.

Truly, the purpose of that meeting was just to ease my mind in the fact that I’ve submitted everything, I’m not forgetting any paperwork, and they had my scores. And now that I’m assured of all this, I can truly relax until November, knowing I’ve done everything I possibly can to make myself the best candidate, and there’s nothing I can do anymore. It’s all out of my hands now.