Well I’m almost halfway through this semester (just shy of 8 weeks, at this point) and it’s going great so far! It’s challenging, as I knew it would be, because I’m consumed with tons of busy work from my liberal arts classes.

I daresay most of my classes are fun…composition II has been a breeze so far, because we’ve been able to choose our own topics for our papers and I always end up having way more to say on the subject than I’m even allowed to write, haha! Philosophy is by far the easiest class I’ve ever taken in my college career, and super interesting. Women’s studies consumes a lot of my time because of the busy work we’re assigned, but it’s very eye-opening and educational (love it!). I truly, truly hate my computer science class, however. It’s frustrating, time-consuming, and pointless. I’ll be so happy to leave that class in the dust after this semester.

Pathophysiology is intense but awesome. It’s much like anatomy and physiology – in fact every unit starts with a chapter reviewing the a&p of that system, and then goes on to describe the pathophysiology. A TON of studying is required for the class…makes me so grateful that I decided to take the  class ahead of time and not wait to take it during the first semester of nursing school. We’ve already had our first test, and with the extra credit questions that my professor put on the test, I ended up scoring a 110 out of 112 possible!! I’m thrilled with that grade. 🙂

Our second test is coming up this week though…I’ve begun studying for it but I still feel unprepared. For our second test I feel that there’s a lot more information we’re covering, and it’s a lot more technical and detailed. I understand all the processes, but trying to remember all the details of everything concerns me. All I can do is make sure I study as well as I can and then go from there, knowing I did my best.







Various “studying pathophysiology” pictures…and yes, sometimes it does take 3 computers to accomplish the studying, lol!


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