Nursing School Orientation!


So this past Friday, December 7th, was TWU’s orientation to nursing school! It was an exhilarating, terrifying, exhausting, fun, amazing, and humbling experience.

The orientation was scheduled to begin at 8am and last until 2pm, however, we could get there early (about 7:30) to sign in and receive our “welcome” packets. So what do I do? I’m so excited and nervous that I left the house at 6am, thinking that with the traffic traveling to downtown Dallas it would take me a little over an hour to get there.

Whelp. It only took me 35 minutes. I got there at 6:35am! Haha.

I sat in my car drinking the Starbucks that I had picked up on the way over, until about 6:45. I was so excited at that point that I just couldn’t stand it any longer, so I decided that I would sit in the lobby of the building until it was time to sign in. When I got into the building, they were just barely starting to set up! I’m sure they didn’t expect any students so early – but I wasn’t the only one. Almost immediately, other students started to trickle in and we all waited in the lobby together.

Soon, classmates from my pathophysiology class started showing up, so we all got together and passed the time by blabbing. 😉 Around 7:15 we were able to sign in and pick up our packets, and then we sat in the auditorium until 8am as other students showed up and signed in.

From that point on, the orientation was very organized and structured, and ran smoothly to make sure everyone got everything done that needed to be done. The schedule ended up as follows:

8am-10am: Opening Session

  • Welcoming remarks and introduction to the College of Nursing
  • Information about financial aid and payment
  • Introduction to Student Life and student organizations on campus
  • Introduction to professors

10:30-11am: Group Advising Sessions

  • We broke into small groups by color (there were 12 groups, each one ended up being our clinical group for the semester)
  • Met with faculty/clinical instructors for advising and to check for valid ID
  • Depart in small groups by color with student leader for breakout sessions

11am-1pm: Breakout Sessions 

  • Lunch
  • Registration and Financial Aid
  • Immunization Verification
  • IDs and Locks for  the lockers (The locks weren’t available, so I have to pick one up within the first week of classes)
  • Student Organizations – such as the Nursing Student’s Association (NSA) and Student Government Association (SGA)
  • Student Services – such as commuter services, DPS, Health Services, Counseling, etc.
  • Bookstore

1-1:30pm: Check-out 

  • Lab kit distribution (they ended up being on backorder, so we get them the first week of classes as well)
  • Sign-out


I was so excited to meet my clinical group for the semester. Including me, there are 8 girls and one guy in my group; I really like them so far. 😉 I feel like we are going to have a great semester together. One of the girls even lives in my neighborhood, just down the road!

I also bought stuff – A LOT of stuff:

  • I bought two t-shirts and one hoodie
  • I bought a badge reel (I’m going to use it for my volunteer badge though, not nursing school badge)
  • I bought 4 TWU patches that go on our scrubs and lab coat
  • I bought a scrub jacket (we can wear in labs)
  • I bought a monogrammed fleece
  • I bought two name tags
  • And I bought ALL of my books!

I had the option of buying a “book package” from Major’s Bookstore that contained all the books we needed for our first semester, and I did so. We need so many books and online components/codes that I didn’t want to have to hunt them all down separately – and I buy books new anyway because I mark them all up – so I bit the bullet and bought the package. $800 dollars worth of books! Unfortunately I have to wait for the bookstore to call me to pick them up later, as they weren’t available yet. Can’t wait to get them though, and start going through them!

After orientation, a group of about 15 of us went to the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate and de-stress from the morning. We had a great time together!! It was a perfect way to end an awesome morning. 🙂


One of the t-shirts I got from orientation. Lub-dub are the sounds that the heart makes, and TWU is often called t-dub…it’s so clever!



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