First Test of Nursing School DONE!

It went well! We were released from pharmacology early this morning because our guest speaker – a CRNA – didn’t show up. I was looking forward to hearing her lecture because there is definitely a part of me that’s interested in what a CRNA does…hopefully we’ll get that lecture at a later date. Anyway, I used the extra time to study with a couple of classmates. We were scrambling to learn the last little bit of our abbreviations that we were going to be tested over (A-L); it paid off as all three of us got the abbreviation questions correct! Lol.

Our test covered asepsis and infection control, hygiene, mobility, safety, communication, documentation/delegation, and ethics. I had some trouble with communication and ethics, but overall felt like I had a good solid grasp on most of the material and walked out of the test feeling pretty good.

Honestly, I thought I’d score in the upper 80’s, but I ended up making a 92!

I’m satisfied with today’s performance…and now on to studying for the next big hurdle – pharmacology!!



Last minute cram session for the concepts test!




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