Home Run!

This weekend, I studied practically from 08:00 to 00:00 (12am), both Saturday and Sunday. Yesterday (Monday) I got to school around 06:30, printed out my week’s worth of powerpoints, assignments, and articles, attended an NSA (Nursing Student Association) meeting until 07:30, and then began studying again until my test assessment test began at 13:00 (1pm).

I wasn’t too nervous about the assessment test because I felt like I knew the material really well. The test covered general survey of the patient, cultural awareness, nose/mouth/throat, breast & lymphatic tissues, and  lung/thoracic assessments. There were a TON of questions about breath & lung sounds – and identifying which sounds corresponded to which “abnormal” physiologic disorder/disease. I’m glad I went over all the lung/thoracic cage abnormals! I ended up with 96 on my assessment test. Yay!

After my assessment test/lecture I stayed up on campus until 20:00 (8pm), studying in the library with classmates for pharm. Actually, I was just in the study room with them listening to music while they studied with each other, haha. But it worked…it helped keep me focused!

I was super nervous about pharm, especially while studying last night and realizing I knew nothing. Ahh!! I stayed up until 00:00 (12am), finally went to bed, and set my alarm for four hours later – 04:00. I got up again and started studying MORE pharm, and continued studying after getting to school.

Well, 09:00 came – and it was time for the test. I was freaking out! I knew I hadn’t studied as well as I should have; believe me, cramming the weekend before a test is NOT a good idea. I felt like I was going to throw up, which is very abnormal for me. I usually DO NOT have text anxiety at all, but I felt like I had prepared very lousily and just didn’t feel comfortable with the material.

By the grace of God…I walked out of that test feeling great. I had circled about 5 questions that I was unsure of whether or not I knew the answer, which is normal for me. I usually walk out of a test with about 3-5 questions circled.

Waiting on that test grade was torture! We had a pharm lecture immediately following the test on psychopharmacology: benzodiazepines (for anxiety), lithium carbonate (anti-mania), and MAOIs/tricyclics/SSRIs (anti-depressants). By the end of our lecture, however, our grades were up and we couldn’t get to computers fast enough.

I got another 96!!!


Tonight I celebrated by eating too much Chicken Express and watching Grey’s Anatomy. 🙂 Now I just have to pass my vital signs check-off tomorrow and my medical math test on Friday, and I can kiss this week goodbye!

One of the drug charts that I used to study with. I had 11 total!

One of the drug charts that I used to study with. I had 11 total!


5 thoughts on “Home Run!

    • I actually didn’t create the charts, I had them handed down to me by my pharmacology tutor; she made them based off of our professor’s notes. If you want I could email you one so that you have an idea of how to set one up based off of your notes!

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