Nursing School Pet Peeve, #1

“Do we need to know this for the test?”

“No, so let’s not worry about it.”

I hear this more times than I can count. And yes, sometimes, I am unfortunately part of that conversation too…but I am trying hard not to be. You see, I feel like most of my class is just trying to skate by with knowing only enough to make a good (or even just passing) grade on a test – and then the information is dumped as soon as the test is over. We were reviewing some drugs in our medication administration skills lab a week ago, drugs that we had JUST LEARNED for our pharm test, and I felt like my classmates and I were grappling for the answers when just days before we’d known those drugs in and out!

Nursing school should not be about knowing “just what we need to know” for a test, neither should it be about just memorizing all of the information for a test and then dumping it for the next. Yes, that was done in pre-req classes and honestly it didn’t really matter. But these classes and information is knowledge I NEED to know for my profession – it’s knowledge that will make me a better nurse. I don’t want to get all A’s in nursing school if it means I did it only by studying for each individual test and not having the drive and curiosity to learn and know more, even if it’s not going to be tested over.

Just some thoughts. In my opinion,ย everything I’m learning in nursing school should be something I worry about knowing – because one day it could save a life.



4 thoughts on “Nursing School Pet Peeve, #1

  1. Quick question! To be part of that nursing society, what is the average GPA? I’ll be going to TWU nursing school this coming fall as a J1 and I really want to get in!

    • Which nursing society are you referring to? NSNA (National Student Nurse’s Association)? This is not a society but rather an organization, so you can join whenever you want. If you’re referring to Sigma Theta Tau (National Honor Society for Nurses) then I’m not sure because I haven’t been invited yet. I’m pretty sure they require you to have a really high GPA though!

      • Oh! Phi Kappa Phi isn’t a nursing honor society, it’s a general academic nursing society. As a junior, you have to be in the top 7% of your entire university class (all majors included) to be invited, and as a senior you have to be in the top 10% to be invited. I’m thinking that you have to have a 4.0 GPA to be invited but I’m not quite sure. ๐Ÿ™‚

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