It’s March!

I can’t believe it. How did March sneak up so fast?? Not that I’m complaining…I’m done with my 7th week of nursing school, about to begin my 8th, and ALMOST TO SPRING BREAK!

I’m tired. Super tired. Next week I have my second assessment and pharmacology tests and my concepts skills lab check off. :-/ I feel like all I ever do is study and stress about upcoming exams – which seem to be at this point almost on top of each other since an exam occurs every two weeks.

But I’m learning a LOT and truly loving it, and the only thing I would trade nursing school for would be to actually BE a nurse right now. 😉 I can’t WAIT until we begin our clinicals on the actual hospital floor!

On another note, yesterday when I was at Children’s, as I sat with a patient, a nursing student from a different school walked in and began her assessment on the patient. I didn’t realize she was a nursing student at first because she was so calm, so confident, and so collected with her assignment that I thought she was either a med student or a resident. And then I realized that her lab jacket said nursing student and it blew me away! She acted as if she owned that room and I loved it. I asked her what semester she was in and she told me she was a J2. REALLY?! I certainly hope I’m that good as a J2! She was a pro!!

I’m super excited about what my future holds – but for the meantime I am certainly ready for spring break. This girl needs it!


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