Alllllllmost Spring Break!!

It’s hard to sit here and realize that I am nearly halfway done with my first nursing school semester. While on one hand it has been a long 8 weeks full of new experiences and new ways of being taught, stretched, and tormented ;), on the other hand these past 8 weeks have gone by so fast that I feel like my head is literally spinning from the pace of it all.

This week in particular has been rough – especially this past weekend. I had my 2nd assessment test on Monday and my 2nd pharm test on Tuesday, and I think from Friday to Tuesday night I slept just enough to make sure I wasn’t a zombie and that was about it. I was so dead on my feet after the test on Tuesday that I honestly can’t even remember what we talked about in my pharm or concepts classes afterwards. (But at least I was there – half my class went home after the pharm test!).

The assessment test covered mental status assessment, nutrition, head & neck, heart & neck vessels, the peripheral vascular system, the lymphatic system, and the neurological system. It was a TON for one test and unfortunately for me I did NOT study the way I should’ve. Honestly, I don’t understand why I wait until the weekend before a test to study because it doesn’t pay off. I ended up with an 86 (my first nursing school B!) on that test….

…And I ended up with an 86 on my pharm test as well. My pharm test covered psych drugs (for anxiety, schizophrenia, and depression), endocrine drugs (for diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, growth hormone insufficiencies, antidiuretic hormone insufficiencies, glucocorticoids, and drugs to increase bone density and stop osteoporosis), blood drugs (antiplatelet, anticoagulation, and thrombolytics), and IV therapy.

I’m upset with myself about those B’s. I know I could’ve started studying earlier and studied better; it’s not the fact that those grades are B’s that upsets me as much as it’s the fact that I know I didn’t do my best job. If I’d done the best I could and still made B’s, then I would not be frustrated right now about it. I am ok with making B’s and even C’s if I know I worked my behind off for those grades!

It’s certainly great motivation to step up my game! I don’t want any more B’s because I didn’t study the way I should have.

And now, the only thing standing between me and spring break is my concepts check off tomorrow morning!! I have today off, which means I will be practicing ALL day and running through the steps over and over in my head, so that no matter which skill I pull out of the hat tomorrow I will be prepared and will ROCK my check off! 🙂 I am certainly anxious about it right now, but I’ve practiced in lab a couple of times and it’s now just a matter of making sure I don’t forget any of the steps or any of the supplies I need while performing the skill.

Ahh! We shall see!


2 thoughts on “Alllllllmost Spring Break!!

  1. I love love LOVE your blog! I am a pre-nursing student and it’s really cool to see what you are going through as you starting your nursing program! Could you post some of your study tips? I have always fallen short of a 4.0 GPA so I would love to see what you do to get your good grades 🙂

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