Here We Go Again

The second half of my first semester of nursing school proceeds tomorrow. I can’t say that I’m disappointed with the thought of going to school again tomorrow…but man, this past week was a very, very appreciated break from classes/studying/exams/nursing school in general. I told myself I’d get SO much done over this past week with regards to school, but…nope. I had a great time hanging out with family/friends, reading (for fun!), sleeping (a ton) and catching up on a bunch of errands that I haven’t had time to do for the past 2 months. I even got a gym membership – which means, of course, that on top of everything I’m going to be doing for school over the next 8 weeks I also need to find time to workout (but it’s worth it; time to be a healthy & fit role model!).

The next 8 weeks are going to be probably about 3 times more intense than the first half of the semester because this second half is when we start hospital clinicals (and all of the paperwork – aka care plans – that go along with them). On top of clinicals, the next 8 weeks also includes putting together papers and presentations, and two very important check offs for assessment that I am NOT looking forward to.

But hey, the first 8 weeks of nursing school went by much faster than I thought they would; I know I can survive the next 8 weeks!

I’m working on putting together a post of my study skills/habits – hopefully I’ll be able to post it soon! πŸ˜€


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