Screwed on Backwards…

…my head, that is. This week has been CRAZY and I think this “nursing school” schedule is finally catching up to me. Last Thursday before pre-clinical I forgot my lab coat (we have to wear business casual and a lab coat for pre-clinical); I had to leave my volunteer shift at Children’s early in order to be able to go back home (Ft. Worth) and get it before I could go straight back to Dallas again. I was in traffic for TWO HOURS round trip just because I forgot it. NEVER AGAIN.

This past Wednesday, I forgot my stethoscope for assessment lab. I was able to borrow my partner’s for the BP measurement, but then we were able to practice for our final vital signs check-off coming up in a couple of weeks (listening to heart and lung sounds and differentiating normal from abnormal) and I had to use one of the cheap lab stethoscopes. It worked fine, but the quality was so much worse than mine. Fortunately I can differentiate between crackles and wheezes really well already. I was hoping my lab instructor didn’t notice that I’d forgotten my stethoscope, but she did. She didn’t give me much grief about it though, thank goodness.

Then last night (Thursday) I went to pre-clinical and got my patient from the charge nurse, accessed their chart and wrote down all their information, wrote down their room number on the documentation form that we (students) all sign in and out of, and went home. Well, just as I got home and started preparing my pre-clinical paperwork, I get a call from one of my classmates saying that she noticed that I and another classmate had the same patient. Because my other classmate had been to the hospital first, and written down the room number first, I no longer had a patient.

I was furious with myself. I didn’t even CHECK to see what patients my other classmates had on that documentation form before I left – which is the whole purpose for having that piece of paper in the first place!!

So I finally had my nursing school breakdown last night, bawling when I realized my mistake. I was just so certain that I would get an “unsatisfactory” because I hadn’t paid attention enough to realize that I got my pre-clinical information on a patient that one of my other classmates already had. It was too late at that point to go back to the hospital and pick out another patient, which now also meant that I wouldn’t have any care plan work completed this morning before clinical.

I called my clinical instructor last night and told her what happened, barely keeping from crying on the phone with her – I was that upset. But thankfully I have the greatest and most laid-back clinical instructor ever! She told me it was ok, I would just have to get a patient in the morning and instead of “front loading” my clinical paperwork (getting some of it done before clinical), I would have to “back load” it and do it ALL after clinical today. Fine with me!

And lastly, TODAY, after getting a new patient from my nurse and getting report, I realized that I left my ID in the car! I can only access Methodist’s system with my code, of which I have on the back of my ID and have not yet memorized. So I had to run back out to my car and get my ID, which wasted about 20 minutes of my morning because the employee parking lot is FOREVER away from the hospital entrance.

That has been my week so far…hopefully that’s all the screwing up I’m going to do for awhile because it’s exhausting and I’m tired of feeling like my brain just isn’t there anymore!!


4 thoughts on “Screwed on Backwards…

  1. Girl, I could not relate more. We all have days/weeks….ummmm MONTHS like that. But you can DO it. And you’re going to be an amazing nurse.
    Keep up the good work!

    • THANK YOU Candace. I’m so glad I’m not the only one!! I sure hope it doesn’t go on for months though. πŸ˜‰ Lol. Hope your semester is beginning to wrap up nicely for you! I’m so excited to see you graduate!!

  2. Girl, don’t sweat the small stuff & I DEFINITELY wouldn’t have gone back for my lab coat! I’m pretty sure your instructors would have understood. It’s so interesting reading over your blog, your program sounds so much like ours. In fact we even used the same Pharm book :). Also, I noticed a blog a while back where you were upset over learning the info for the tests & then dumping them. Unfortunately you’re going to have to accept that this is nursing school & there is NO way we can retain all of this NEW information in our brains. If we were constantly using this information, probably. But as students we aren’t actually utilizing this information in a real world setting & therefore the info isn’t going to stick. And don’t feel bad either, it’s the same with Med students as well. All you can do is study your hardest & just realize that once you start working your main skills will get you through & you will re-learn all of this information again & again until it become second nature by DOING it. Sounds like you’re doing great!! Keep it up & just remember, we ALL want to pull our hair out at some time or another (usually more often than we’d admit). πŸ™‚

    • Thank you for all of the encouragement, Candi!! Yeah apparently one of my other classmates forgot her lab coat but didn’t go back for it, and my clinical instructor didn’t care as long as she was wearing her nametag. I wish I had known that! πŸ˜‰

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