A Typical Week in Review

Want to know what my typical week looks like? I figured I’d give you a detailed play-by-play of this past week:


  • Wake up at 0430 with my first alarm and snooze about 2 times before finally rolling out of bed. Go to the gym and workout for about an hour, come home and shower, and leave for school. Arrive on campus around 0730. 
  • Print the entire week’s lectures out in computer lab (usually takes about 45 min to find everything and then print). Study (this week I was reading my assessment chapters) until 1200, with lunch somewhere in between.
  • Pharmacology tutoring from 1200 to 1400. I LOVE pharm tutoring because our tutor is amazing and does a really great job enforcing what we’ve already learned in lecture!
  • Assessment lecture from 1400 to 1630. This Monday I was so tired (and we were talking about something that didn’t capture my interest – the musculoskeletal system) that I was fighting HARD not to fall asleep in class.
  • Concepts tutoring from 1630 to 1830. Concepts tutoring is a great review of stuff previously covered in lecture. I view it as an extra study session.
  • Get home about 1945 and continue my studying for the evening – usually I review the next day’s pharm notes because those are what we’re quizzed over. Study/read/do homework until usually 2200 and then go to bed.


  • Get to school by at least 0700 to study/read until my first class. 
  • Pharmacology lecture from 0900 to 1200. This week we discussed heart disease/failure and antilipidemic drugs. It was a very sobering lecture!
  • Lunch break.
  • Concepts lecture from 1300-1600. This week we talked about lab diagnostics which was AWESOME!
  • Get home around 0515, eat dinner, and study/read/do homework until 2200 and then go to bed.


  • Wake up at 0430, go to the gym and workout, take a shower, and then come back home and prepare for my assessment lab. This week in lab we were assessing the musculoskeletal system, so I prepared by reviewing the different tests and results for the musculoskeletal system and how to document findings. I covered the pertinent information in my textbook and felt confident that once in lab I would know what I was doing to assess my partner correctly.
  • Read 2 chapters in my assessment textbook (still trying to catch up from spring break!)
  • Leave for school around 1100, arrive around 1145.
  • Get a salad for lunch, go up to the computer lab and print off the documents emailed to us the previous night by our assessment tutor, and go to class at 1230.
  • Assessment lab from 1230 to 1630.
  • Assessment tutoring from 1630-1830. This tutoring session was awesome because not only did we finish on time (we’re usually behind), but we actually finished a little early and were able to ask our tutor (a current J2) about what next semester is going to be like for us! She had some great stories about doing her rotations at the VA hospital. Now I kind of want to be chosen to have clinicals at the Dallas VA hospital next semester!
  • Get home around 1930, eat dinner, and study/read/do homework until bedtime (which is usually later because I don’t have to be up “early” on Thursdays).


  • Get up around 0700, take a shower, get dressed, and get all of my supplies together for the day. Because I volunteer on Thursday mornings at Children’s, I have to have my business casual clothes in the car for pre-clinical later in the day; I also pack my backpack so I can study up at school in between. I made sure not to forget my lab coat this time!! 
  • Leave the house around 0800, arrive to Children’s at 0900 (morning traffic to Dallas is CRAZY!)
  • Volunteer from 0900 to 1300. I love this time during the week!!! Not only am I reminded as to why I want to be a nurse, but it allows me time away from my schoolwork to hold/play with children, which I desperately need. It’s my own personal therapy.
  • Go to campus (it’s literally on the same block as Children’s) and study/read/do homework from 1300 to 1630. Pack up my backpack, put it in my car, grab my business casual clothes, and change.
  • Leave school at 1645 and drive to Methodist Dallas Medical Center for pre-clinical.
  • Arrive at the hospital at 1700, get patient from charge nurse (took half an hour last night!) and access the patient’s chart for the pertinent info I need to get.
  • Leave the hospital at 1845.
  • Get home around 2000. Receive word from my classmate about my screw-up with the patient I picked out – have a freak out session.
  • Call my clinical instructor and get instructions on what to do in this situation.
  • Realize I don’t have to work on my care plan/pre-clinical paperwork (which I normally would do…probably all night long) so I eat dinner with the hubby, watch some Grey’s Anatomy, and drink a small glass of wine. Score!
  • Go to bed around 2200 to be well rested for clinical.


  • Get up at 0430 to be ready to leave the house by 0540. 
  • Go to Starbucks on the way to the hospital.
  • Get to the hospital around 0630.
  • Have pre-conference with entire clinical group and instructor until 0715.
  • Arrive on floor, introduce myself to my nurse for the day, and get assigned a patient.
  • Look up/write down pertinent info on patient for my care plan until 0830.
  • Patient care/vital signs/interview/assessment until 1050!!
  • Lunch & post-conference from 1100-1200 (only this Friday because it was Good Friday. Usually post conference starts at 1145-1245)
  • Get home around 1300, write up a blog post, then begin working on care plan (due on Tuesday).
  • Watch the new Grey’s Anatomy online (I missed it this week because I was too busy having a freak out session on Thursday night).
  • Go to bed around 2300.


  • Up at 0700…
  • Go to the gym, workout, come home and shower.
  • And also, finish my care plan. :-/


  • Up at 0700.
  • Study for upcoming concepts test, begin writing my professionalism paper (nope, didn’t do that last weekend), and type out a chapter of “abnormals” to study for my upcoming assessment test.
  • BIRTHDAY LUNCH at La Madeleine with my family (including my wonderful mother-in-law who made the 1.5 hour trip to Ft. Worth just for me!)!!! Yes, today is my birthday; I am now 25 and ready for what this next year holds!
  • Continue studying/reading/doing homework until bedtime rolls around tonight – whenever that may be.


And then up again tomorrow morning to do it all over again! WHEW! And this week was “fairly” light…no meetings or NSA volunteer work done. Last week I had an SGA meeting, I volunteered on the breakfast team for the Ronald McDonald House, and I went to a Relay for Life meeting (I’m on the TWU NSA team – do you want to donate for my birthday??) and volunteered myself to be on the Relay for Life Southeast Denton Board in charge of the Luminaria for their upcoming event! And in the upcoming weeks….

…I have on my calendar too many things to count. The rest of this semester is going to be exhausting. But I’m ready!


2 thoughts on “A Typical Week in Review

  1. What position do you have as a volunteer at the Childers hospital? & I would also like know what exactly do you do? Because I would like to do that… 😊

    PS: keep up with the hard work!

    • Hi Maggie!

      At Children’s, I am a sitter. Basically for one shift I will (ideally) sit with one child per hour. Sometimes if there aren’t any children that need to be sat with then I’ll run errands for the volunteer office, or help out at the front desk, but no matter what I absolutely love it and look forward to it every week!

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