Don’t Have Enough TIME!!

April is going to be CRAZY and I do not know right now how I am going to accomplish everything…at least, to the degree that I want to. And, I really should be completing preclinical/studying right now but I’m procrastinating big time. 😦

Just to highlight everything happening this month:

  • 3rd assessment and pharmacology tests (next week!)
  • Final vital signs check off (also next week!)
  • Professionalism paper (still haven’t written it – oops; and it’s due next week)
  • Group presentation or Conference presentation
  • Head-to-Toe assessment check off
  • Adult Simulation Lab for Concepts
  • Concepts HESI

This is all on top of the regular lecture, tutoring, pre-clinical, and clinical schedules and all the paperwork/studying that goes with them. My group presentation – if I’m not picked for the conference presentation – is in a week and a half and in that time I have to take 2 tests, pass a check off, write a paper, and find time to research health care reform and how it affects the nursing profession (my group presentation topic) and put together my powerpoint on it.

Oh my…I’ll be so thankful when April is over. Because the first week of May is finals, and then I will be DONE with my first semester of nursing school!


2 thoughts on “Don’t Have Enough TIME!!

  1. Girl, you are crazy close. And then, just think, you get MONTHS off πŸ™‚
    It’s going to be a beautiful thing. Push ahead. Persevere. You got this.


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