Taking a Break…

I finally have a moment to breathe! Although I really shouldn’t, because there are SO many other things that I could be doing right now instead of sitting here playing on the computer. But you know how it goes. πŸ˜‰

I don’t think I’ve had any more than 13-14 hours of sleep since Friday night…it’s been tough going around here! Due to going out of town for a wedding on Saturday and staying up until past 0100 (what a great night!) and then getting up at 0500 Sunday morning to hit the road again to get home, I really didn’t have Saturday to use for studying at all. So as soon as we got home Sunday morning (around 0900) I began studying for my assessment test and that didn’t stop until 2300. Then up again at 0500 to leave by 0520 and get to campus by 0600 (the earliest we’re allowed on campus!) and I proceeded to study until test time at 1400 – aside from a brief break for my advising appointment for the J2 semester. I can’t believe I’m already about to register for J2!

Thankfully, even with the short cram time and the HUGE about of knowledge we needed to know for our assessment exam, I ended up making a 94!

We didn’t have lecture after our exam (technically we’re done with assessment now until the final) so I was able to get home early. I used that extra time to cram for pharm…again staying up until late (2300) and then getting up at 0300 to study some more before going to campus. Studied HARDCORE this morning until about 0845, and then it was test time!

And honestly I don’t know how I pulled it off, but I made a 92 on the exam today. Whoop!

Tonight I had planned on working on my professionalism paper, but now I just can’t even bring myself to do anything. I’m so tired I just want to focus on nothing and enjoy the brief respite. So I guess I’ll do that tomorrow morning, and then begin the research for my group project. Somewhere in there I have to do my preclinical and complete the care plan too (although it’s the last one – yay!)

In awesome news, today we got the list of clinical sites for our J2 semester. There were 11 paired clinical sites (1 site for Adult 1 and 1 site for Womens Health) that we had to rank from 1-6. It took me FOREVER but I finally finished ranking it, and my number one choice is Parkland for Womens Health and Presbyterian Denton for Adult 1. Crossing my fingers! We should know by mid-June (I think?!) which clinicals we’re at for next semester.

So yup…nothing too exciting to share at this point. I’m just holding on until the end of April!


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