Final Vital Signs Check Off

It went smooth and this time I wasn’t nervous at all. Well…ok, maybe a few butterflies in the stomach. I mean, how could you be perfectly ok when you’re trying to complete a check off and you’re being timed??

We were again split of in groups of six, and I was in the third group to go. When we were called up, we went back into the room that we were in for our first vital signs check off (in February, I think it was?) and we signed in and got our bed assignments. We joked around a bit with our professor (love her!) and then stationed ourselves bedside, raised the beds up, lowered the bed rails, and then the timer was started.

Eight minutes is actually a TON of time to get vitals on the SIM-man. In fact, on some of them I checked them twice just because I had the time and I wanted to be as close as possible! The normal/abnormal breath and normal/abnormal heart sounds weren’t at all hard to differentiate between, either. And when the timer went off for our first SIM-man, we went to our next dude and did it all over again. And, we all passed! ๐Ÿ™‚

And, by the way, I finally finished my professionalism paper…completed it yesterday in two hours! Now all I have for the rest of the semester is three pharm quizzes, my group presentation, the head-to-toe assessment, an adult lab hospital simulation, and then FINALS! Wow! Let the countdown begin! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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