Sunday Thoughts

My head-to-toe assessment is this Wednesday. I know, I sound like a broken record, but thought of this test at one point terrified me. Now, I’ve been studying with Steven every single day for a week, and I actually know ALL of the 96 steps to be performed! I have no idea how long it takes me though, so today Steven and I are going to do it about twice – maybe more – and have the timer going. Hopefully it’s right at or under the 30min mark. Then Monday and Tuesday night we’ll do it once more, and at that point I’m just going to have to be ready for it!

I’ve applied to about 70 PRN PCA/PCT jobs in my area. This week, I’m going to apply to the part-time positions, and then cross my fingers and wait for results. I’m pretty nervous actually, because many hospitals want 6mo to a full year of experience, of which I don’t have. So I’m just taking a chance that they will disregard that requirement since I’m in nursing school and I already have my CNA license.

Starting with tomorrow, I only have two weeks of actual classes left before finals week. How did that happen? I’ve done all requirements, taken all tests, finished all projects, gone to every clinical…and it’s hard to believe that I’m almost done when just a month ago I was so overwhelmed when looking at the calendar. Now I only have my assessment check off, an adult lab simulation (which is for experience only), my concepts HESI, and then finals week to get through before summer break!! It all seems completely doable now. Wow.

I can’t wait to find out where my clinicals will be for J2 semester…and then register for classes. As of right now, hopefully this summer I’ll be working and taking an EKG elective (towards the end of summer). And, of course, relaxing before the next semester of nursing school starts!




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