I had a great interview today!! I got there about 15 minutes early (although I almost thought I’d be late because of traffic and construction on the highways) and the first person I spoke to was actually a nurse who ended up sitting in on the interview.

The nurse led me to a waiting room and told me to have a seat while I waited for the nurse manager to finish with lunch. After about 5-10 minutes of waiting, the nurse manager found me and introduced herself, I introduced myself, and we had a seat in her office. Then two other nurses joined us, and we began the interview!

It was a pretty relaxed interview and I felt like I “clicked” with everyone present. I even made all three of them laugh at one point! They were pretty concerned with the fact that it is a full time position and I’m also going to school full time, but I feel like I was able to assuage their concerns, because I fully believe that while it will be hard, I will be able to handle it. They asked me why I wanted to be a nurse, and they asked me about how I would handle a difficult patient. That really was the extent of the interview before they asked me if I had any questions!

The nurse manager then set up an interview with the nursing director for next week (Wednesday – EEK!) and the way all three of them kept talking, I got the impression that they felt like I was already a part of the team.

I’m so excited!!!

I really, really, really hope the nursing director likes me as well and they decide to hire me. Hopefully by the end of next week (Thursday or Friday) I’ll know for sure.


Another Interview!

This one is tomorrow actually – it’s a full time position, nights on a med/surg floor. Super excited! I don’t know why, but I have a really good feeling about this interview.

I went shopping today and bought some nice grey dress pants, a royal blue shirt, and a black blazer. Tonight I’m going to straighten my hair (confidence hair!) and I’ll then be ready!

Wish me luck!!

J2 Clinicals

I got my J2 Clinical site information yesterday!

For Adult Health 1:ย Denton Presbyterian Hospital

Texas Health Resources Denton Presbyterian Hospital

Texas Health Resources Denton Presbyterian Hospital

Forย Women’s Health:ย Parkland Hospital

Parkland Memorial Hospital

Parkland Memorial Hospital

Whoop! I’m so excited about these sites. Especially Parkland for women’s health…I know I’ll see a TON and I can’t wait!!


I’m almost afraid to post anything in case I jinx myself…

But I got an interview for a PCT position!!! It’s next Friday; crossing my fingers and offering big prayers that the hiring manager loves me, because it’s on a cardiology unit and I would LOVE to work cardiology!!


Anyway, now that my outburst is done, let me just update you on how my summer has been going (the two whole weeks I’ve been off so far): I’ve read tons of books, straightened up my house, gotten my nails done, gone shopping for new clothes, and have generally slept. A lot.

I love summer.

A Week in Pictures

Celebrating on the Katy Trail after our last final!

Celebrating on the Katy Trail after our last final!

Last Friday night a group of us volunteered for the graduating class's pinning ceremony. It was so awesome and I can't wait until it's ME!

Last Friday night a group of us volunteered for the graduating class’s pinning ceremony. It was so awesome and I can’t wait until it’s ME!

Chilling with my man and the's awesome not having anything to do!!

Chilling with my man and the animals…it’s awesome not having anything to do!!

Ah yes, Steven's awesome. i know. :)

What a wonderful, relaxing, “post-semester” footrub from the hubby!!ย 

On Tuesday I learned how to do IVs!!! (Well, it was simulated, but still!)

On Tuesday I learned how to do IVs!!! (Well, it was simulated, but still!)

Yesterday (Thursday) I completed my CPR renewal. Whoop! Good for another 2 years...

Yesterday (Thursday) I completed my CPR renewal. Whoop! Good for another 2 years…

Have been applying to a TON of PCT jobs over the past month. Crossing my fingers I hear something SOOOOOON!!!

Have been applying to a TON of PCT jobs over the past month. Crossing my fingers I hear something SOOOOOON!!!






J1 Semester OVER!

I survived my J1 nursing semester!! In only three more semesters, I will be a graduate!!!

The assessment final was weird for me. I thought it was easy as I was walking out of the classroom, however I ended up with an 80! Which means I got an 89 as a finally grade in assessment, so I got a B. But I’m truly ok with this, as I don’t think even with studying for two weeks straight I would’ve gotten a different grade. I wouldn’t have answered those questions any differently.

So I got two As and one B this semester, and I’m smiling big. So excited to be done with it and moving on to Adult Health 1 and Woman’s next semester. I also have an EKG elective this summer with the associate dean of the nursing school and I’m THRILLED to be able to get into the class and take it!

I’ve applied to several PCT/PCA/CNA jobs at the hospitals in my area and so far have heard back from one of them and had a phone screening. The recruiter said he would send my application to the nurse managers on the units that I’ve applied to, so YAY! Keeping my fingers crossed that some of them like me. ๐Ÿ™‚

And now…now I’m relaxing with absolutely no schoolwork to do. LOVE IT!

So Close

So close to being done!! I only have ONE more day left!!! Today I’m studying all day for my assessment final tomorrow morning (I need an 84 for an A – crossing my fingers).

Yesterday’s pharm final was quite possibly the hardest test I’ve ever taken. I was reeling when I walked out of that test, thinking for sure that I didn’t get the 82 I needed to make an A in the class. Even as much as I studied and thought that I KNEW those drugs inside and out…it’s just crazy how the questions are worded in such a way to REALLY make you use your critical thinking skills in order to correctly answer! It’s not just a knowledge based test. For example, one question may ask you about a med and then to identify which other med it’s contraindicated with. Well, unless you know that both meds are nephrotoxic (bad on the kidneys) and that they shouldn’t be given together due to that, then you’re getting it wrong. Because there WILL be another answer to that question that will seem to be the obvious answer – but it’s not the correct answer due to the fact that both meds being nephrotoxic is more important to you as a nurse.

Anyway, those types of questions are what the ENTIRE test is comprised of, and because that test was SO hard for me, I walked out with a headache and feeling defeated.

BUT…I ended up with a 92!!!

So, I officially have an A in pharm! It’s a low one (92 as my final grade) but it’s still an A and I’m SUPER thankful for that!! If I can just get an 84 or above on my assessment final tomorrow, then I will officially have an A in all my J1 nursing classes.

Wish me luck!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Concepts HESI

Took the HESI yesterday!

It was a weird test. I don’t quite know how to feel about it…many of the questions I was just guessing on because they were discussing NG tubes and IV’s, which as J1s we haven’t learned yet. But apparently, the purpose of a HESI test is not what you know but how well you’re able to reason through the question and answer correctly.

Each question is weighted based on difficulty of the question. So, if you get more “hard” questions right then you get a higher score, even if you missed 15 questions, versus the person who only missed 10 questions yet got more “easy” questions right and ends up with a lower score.

But hey, for my first ever HESI I’d say I did pretty well! I got a score of 1116, which converts to 95%, putting me in the 97th percentile. Whoop! This also means that I’m completely done with my Concepts class and only have two more finals to go!!!


I used this to study. Love the Reviews and Rationales books!


Lab values…as it turned out, I didn’t need to know any of this for the test because none of my questions had lab values in them!