Concepts HESI

Took the HESI yesterday!

It was a weird test. I don’t quite know how to feel about it…many of the questions I was just guessing on because they were discussing NG tubes and IV’s, which as J1s we haven’t learned yet. But apparently, the purpose of a HESI test is not what you know but how well you’re able to reason through the question and answer correctly.

Each question is weighted based on difficulty of the question. So, if you get more “hard” questions right then you get a higher score, even if you missed 15 questions, versus the person who only missed 10 questions yet got more “easy” questions right and ends up with a lower score.

But hey, for my first ever HESI I’d say I did pretty well! I got a score of 1116, which converts to 95%, putting me in the 97th percentile. Whoop! This also means that I’m completely done with my Concepts class and only have two more finals to go!!!


I used this to study. Love the Reviews and Rationales books!


Lab values…as it turned out, I didn’t need to know any of this for the test because none of my questions had lab values in them!


8 thoughts on “Concepts HESI

    • The questions covered basic nursing fundamentals and then some material that we hadn’t even covered yet in nursing school. I can’t really remember a lot of them because I tend to just try and forget about a test once I’m done! I don’t like to worry myself with remembering questions and why or why not I got them wrong. πŸ˜‰

  1. Highly recommend the Davis Success books for HESIs. They’re similar to the Reviews & Rationales and come in just about every subject.

  2. Ah, the Hated HESI. I can only offer words of encouragement! All of those types of exams really do a good job of preparing you for the NCLEX. My students hate them, too, if its any consolation!

    • Thank you!! It honestly wasn’t too bad…kinda confusing as I was going through it only because so many of the subjects we hadn’t covered yet, but it seemed to work out really well either way. But I’ve heard this one is the easiest, so we’ll see how next semester’s HESI goes! πŸ˜‰

      • Does the HESI count as part of your grade at all? Or is it used in any way for progression? We also use Kaplan for ‘end of course’ exams, and they count as 10% of their final grade. Wondering if I should change it to have it count for less, or not count at all?

      • Hey Lisa!

        For this semester, we absolutely had to take the HESI, however if we liked the grade we made on it then we didn’t have to take the final, and we could substitute the HESI grade for our final grade, which was worth 20%. If we didn’t like the grade we got on our HESI then we could take the final and see if we could make a better grade.

        In our upcoming semesters I know the HESI counts as a grade and you can’t substitute it for the final. I’m not sure what percentage of the final course grade it’s worth though.

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