So Close

So close to being done!! I only have ONE more day left!!! Today I’m studying all day for my assessment final tomorrow morning (I need an 84 for an A – crossing my fingers).

Yesterday’s pharm final was quite possibly the hardest test I’ve ever taken. I was reeling when I walked out of that test, thinking for sure that I didn’t get the 82 I needed to make an A in the class. Even as much as I studied and thought that I KNEW those drugs inside and out…it’s just crazy how the questions are worded in such a way to REALLY make you use your critical thinking skills in order to correctly answer! It’s not just a knowledge based test. For example, one question may ask you about a med and then to identify which other med it’s contraindicated with. Well, unless you know that both meds are nephrotoxic (bad on the kidneys) and that they shouldn’t be given together due to that, then you’re getting it wrong. Because there WILL be another answer to that question that will seem to be the obvious answer – but it’s not the correct answer due to the fact that both meds being nephrotoxic is more important to you as a nurse.

Anyway, those types of questions are what the ENTIRE test is comprised of, and because that test was SO hard for me, I walked out with a headache and feeling defeated.

BUT…I ended up with a 92!!!

So, I officially have an A in pharm! It’s a low one (92 as my final grade) but it’s still an A and I’m SUPER thankful for that!! If I can just get an 84 or above on my assessment final tomorrow, then I will officially have an A in all my J1 nursing classes.

Wish me luck!! πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “So Close

  1. Awesome! I was just curious, are your grading scales skewed like my schools? For example an A is a 95+, A- is a 92, B+ is a 89-91 etc etc? They make it nearly impossible to get A’s! Congrats on your good grades though keep it up!

  2. Okay, so I just read EVERY post on your blog! I’m so excited to get into nursing school (fingers crossed for this year!). Hope your assessment final went well..I’m sure it did!

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