I had a great interview today!! I got there about 15 minutes early (although I almost thought I’d be late because of traffic and construction on the highways) and the first person I spoke to was actually a nurse who ended up sitting in on the interview.

The nurse led me to a waiting room and told me to have a seat while I waited for the nurse manager to finish with lunch. After about 5-10 minutes of waiting, the nurse manager found me and introduced herself, I introduced myself, and we had a seat in her office. Then two other nurses joined us, and we began the interview!

It was a pretty relaxed interview and I felt like I “clicked” with everyone present. I even made all three of them laugh at one point! They were pretty concerned with the fact that it is a full time position and I’m also going to school full time, but I feel like I was able to assuage their concerns, because I fully believe that while it will be hard, I will be able to handle it. They asked me why I wanted to be a nurse, and they asked me about how I would handle a difficult patient. That really was the extent of the interview before they asked me if I had any questions!

The nurse manager then set up an interview with the nursing director for next week (Wednesday – EEK!) and the way all three of them kept talking, I got the impression that they felt like I was already a part of the team.

I’m so excited!!!

I really, really, really hope the nursing director likes me as well and they decide to hire me. Hopefully by the end of next week (Thursday or Friday) I’ll know for sure.


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