Job Update

Wow, what a week it has been! I started my PCT job on Monday – except that it isn’t necessarily my “job” yet since all week has been orientation to the hospital, paperwork, and completing computer modules. Today was actually the first time I stepped foot onto my unit, except that it was only to complete more paperwork, receive my locker key, and get my schedule. And then I stayed on the unit, plopped down at a computer desk, and did MORE modules. πŸ™‚ But at least I got them all done today so that I can begin the next phase of work next week – orientation to the unit!

I met my PCT preceptor today as well and I liked her immediately. I will work with her for the next two weeks as I orient to my new job on the unit, and then after that I will be by myself and will be expected to take care of 12 or so patients. My schedule up until August is a mixture of days and nights, so that will prove to be interesting I’m sure.

Anyway, just wanted to give a brief update on what’s been going on with the job. It will be nice when I can actually get started in the role that I was hired to do!



Can’t Wait!

Yesterday I went to the hospital and signed all my papers for my job! I also had my TB testing done, and completed a physical and drug screen.

And today I bought pretty teal scrubs (PCTs wear teal) for work and I actually found a pair that I LOVE. Can’t wait to wear them!

Now all I have to do is return to the hospital tomorrow to get the TB skin test read for results, and then orientation starts on Monday!


Untitled Nonsense

It’s weird not being in school. I think I just realized this morning, upon waking up, how much more productive my life is when I have a routine and something to get out of bed for! πŸ˜‰

As much as I am thoroughly enjoying the fact that it’s summer, and I can wake up and do anything with my day without feeling guilty or pressure from assignments looming over me, there is also a sense of boredom. This past semester was so very, very busy and chaotic at times that now I feel completely unproductive and useless. I have already read tons of books, re-organized my kitchen, hung out with friends and family, gotten a job…

I guess now I just really need to get started on the stuff that I’ve been putting off for forever – like painting the interior of the house. :-/

See, even this post was useless and unproductive! I think this summer will get a lot better when my job starts (only 1 more week!) and when my EKG elective begins (in July). Then I think I’ll feel a little less like I’m just wandering around trying to conjure up things to do.

I should find another place to volunteer at. πŸ™‚


Friday’s interview went great!!

I got to the hospital and met up with the nurse manager on her floor – surgical telemetry – even though I was interviewing for a position on another floor (cardiology).

The interview was very conversational and I loved the nurse manager right away. And everyone that I met on the floor leading up to the interview (I had to wait for a few minute as she finished with another interview) was so kind and welcoming.

She asked me at one point why I was trying to get a part time job even though I was in nursing school and a PRN position would be better for me. I told her that I would prefer PRN but I just hadn’t had anyone interested in giving me an interview yet; she then looked up available positions in the hospital and told me that I could interview for a PRN position on HER floor if I wanted to! I of course said yes!!

So after the interview she gave me a tour of the unit and I fell in love right away. I left the hospital EAGERLY awaiting to hear back from them…

…And I didn’t have to wait long! I was called at 5:45pm that evening and offered the job.

I accepted the job, and starting on June 17th I will be a PCT on a surgical cardiac telemetry floor! πŸ˜€

Taken the morning of my interview...I got to the interview super early, so I started taking selfless. ;)

Taken the morning of my interview…I got to the interview super early, so I started taking selfies. πŸ˜‰