Friday’s interview went great!!

I got to the hospital and met up with the nurse manager on her floor – surgical telemetry – even though I was interviewing for a position on another floor (cardiology).

The interview was very conversational and I loved the nurse manager right away. And everyone that I met on the floor leading up to the interview (I had to wait for a few minute as she finished with another interview) was so kind and welcoming.

She asked me at one point why I was trying to get a part time job even though I was in nursing school and a PRN position would be better for me. I told her that I would prefer PRN but I just hadn’t had anyone interested in giving me an interview yet; she then looked up available positions in the hospital and told me that I could interview for a PRN position on HER floor if I wanted to! I of course said yes!!

So after the interview she gave me a tour of the unit and I fell in love right away. I left the hospital EAGERLY awaiting to hear back from them…

…And I didn’t have to wait long! I was called at 5:45pm that evening and offered the job.

I accepted the job, and starting on June 17th I will be a PCT on a surgical cardiac telemetry floor! πŸ˜€

Taken the morning of my interview...I got to the interview super early, so I started taking selfless. ;)

Taken the morning of my interview…I got to the interview super early, so I started taking selfies. πŸ˜‰


4 thoughts on “So HAPPY!

  1. Wow, congrats! I worked as a unit secretary while going to nursing school and it was an invaluable experience. It really helped cement what i was learning in school and gave me an edge as a new grad. Best of luck with your new job!

  2. Congratulations! I never really understood how those PRN staff worked…do they just call you in when they need you and you have to be ready to go?

    • Thank you!! As far as I know, I have to work at least three times a month minimum to keep my job. If I want to work more, then I can pick up shifts when people call; however if I can’t work (due to school or whatnot) then I can refuse – as long as I fulfill my minimum requirements. πŸ™‚

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