Untitled Nonsense

It’s weird not being in school. I think I just realized this morning, upon waking up, how much more productive my life is when I have a routine and something to get out of bed for! πŸ˜‰

As much as I am thoroughly enjoying the fact that it’s summer, and I can wake up and do anything with my day without feeling guilty or pressure from assignments looming over me, there is also a sense of boredom. This past semester was so very, very busy and chaotic at times that now I feel completely unproductive and useless. I have already read tons of books, re-organized my kitchen, hung out with friends and family, gotten a job…

I guess now I just really need to get started on the stuff that I’ve been putting off for forever – like painting the interior of the house. :-/

See, even this post was useless and unproductive! I think this summer will get a lot better when my job starts (only 1 more week!) and when my EKG elective begins (in July). Then I think I’ll feel a little less like I’m just wandering around trying to conjure up things to do.

I should find another place to volunteer at. πŸ™‚


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