It’s midnight and although I’m tired and my eyes are burning, I am awake on the couch watching TV and hoping to stay awake all night. My first shift at the hospital off of orientation as a PCT is tonight (Monday) from 7pm-7am. And it will be my first night shift ever! I’m attempting to stay awake until around 0700 or 0800 and then sleep from that point until 1600 this afternoon. Hopefully it works out.

So far I am absolutely loving my job as a tech. I’m on an awesome floor, with (mostly) awesome patients, surrounded by awesome nurses and other PCTs. Is that enough awesome for one sentence? Lol. The past two weeks I have been orienting with a PCT who has been at this hospital on this unit for almost 20 years. Isn’t that crazy?! But they were a great preceptor and although I know I still have more to learn with my job, I feel fully prepared to step out on my own two feet tonight and rock it. πŸ˜‰

I also am going to be working intermittently as a unit secretary from 1900-2300 a couple of nights every week. I don’t quite have THAT job down yet (I was somewhat cross-trained during orientation) but I feel like I’ll pick it up pretty quickly. And mostly I’ll just be answering phones and call lights and that’s pretty no-brainer-ish.

I’ve been trying to watch the telemetry monitors on the unit when I have down time, but it’s pretty hard because I don’t know yet what I’m looking at. But that all changes beginning this week! My EKG elective starts on Wednesday. Now THAT’S weird to think about because I feel like I’ve put school completely out of my mind so far this summer. It’s hard to think of going back to school so soon…I feel like summer has only just begun.

I was going over the syllabus for the class and it looks like it will be a great class. I’m thinking that tonight while I’m attempting to stay awake I’ll try and read the assigned reading so that I’m not starting the class already behind. It’s only a 5 week class so I’m sure we’ll be moving quickly and I don’t want to feel like I’m starting off on the wrong foot!

I’ll write about how my first night shift goes after I’ve experienced it! πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “All-nighter…

  1. I’ve had two clinical rotations on a telemetry unit and it’s the BEST way to learn EKGs, IMO. It sounds like they are trying to give you as many experiences as they can, while you’re at work, and that is a wonderful thing. Too many PCTs, in my area, get pigeon-holed into “just doing tech work,” and quickly burnout and leave. Cross-training is a great to keep the interest level up and “spread the wealth” of knowledge.

    Get some rest because you’re going to need it! Have a great first shift!

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