Ok, so I didn’t get around to writing this post on Friday night. That’s because I decided to sleep Friday night, stay up all day Saturday, and then go into work Saturday night without having slept beforehand. Not sure that was a good choice…this morning I came home, slept from about 0900-1200, and then got up and tried to get some reading/assignments done, but ended up falling back asleep on the hubby’s lap while we watched Avengers. And I have yet to get anything school-related done; but maybe that’s ok. Maybe I was meant to just de-stress from the past week today.

First week of the second semester of nursing school = done! Maybe it wasn’t completed super successfully but it’s behind me now and I’m in the throes of trying to get caught up and organized for the rest of the 15 weeks ahead of me. I’m feeling a bit freaked about this semester already and I think it’s because I just don’t feel like I got off on the right foot.

First of all, I wasn’t able to complete any of the required reading before Monday, and I’ve heard that it’s a GOOD idea to read for my OB and especially Adult 1 classes – usually nursing students can get away with either not reading or just skimming the chapters. And my first Adult 1 test is now in 2 weeks, and I’m so behind on the reading (as in, I should have had several chapters read by now) that is stressing me out and giving me headaches. Seriously.

Secondly, there are so many assignments due within the first few weeks that I don’t even know where to begin on them. I sit here and think about what needs to be done and then I end up so overwhelmed that all I want to do is sleep. Eek! So I really need to just take it all with baby steps so at least I’m accomplishing SOMETHING and not just sitting on the couch like a zombie… (which I pretty much did once getting home from class every single day this week. Another reason I’m feeling like I got off on the wrong foot).

Third, I knew that I had to work last night, which meant a little less time this weekend to study and complete assignments, but I knew I could work around that since I had today (after a nap) and Monday free to be able to get some stuff done. Well I looked at my schedule on Thursday and realized quite belatedly that I also have to work tomorrow (Monday). So now I’m freaking out because I’m just wondering how I’m going to be able to get it all done. I want to be a great student this semester, I really do…but I’ve never worked AND gone to school at the same time before and I know it’ll be quite an adjustment until I get used to it. So hopefully I don’t screw myself in the process.

Especially since I was SUPPOSED to get some stuff done today and I’ll I’ve managed to do is sit around and chill.

Sooo…moving on and hoping this week is a bit on the stronger side for me. At least we get to learn how to start IVs this week!! πŸ™‚

P.S.: I almost got to start an IV at work yesterday on one of my co-workers. She totally would’ve let me do it, except we got swamped and ran out of time. 😦 Maybe next time I work with her.


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