Center for Cancer & Blood Disorders

Yesterday I took some time out of my morning to volunteer at Children’s. It’s not my usual day to go, but due to work and school issues over the past month I’ve missed out on several of my regular Thursday shifts.

Well instead of helping out as a sitter yesterday, I was placed in the renovated Center for Cancer & Blood Disorders to be able to help direct patients and their families around the new environment.

There were several things I noticed just in the few short hours I was there that really intrigued me:

  • First of all, children with cancer are really friendly. SUPER friendly.
  • Many of them came up to me with lines such as “Hello! I don’t remember ever seeing you before!” (This out of the mouth of a 5 year old. We then had a conversation about the old building vs. the new building and about dogs & cats.) A teenager introduced herself to me and seemed almost sad when I told her I was only volunteering for the day. Even the parents would introduce themselves to me as I was leading them around.
  • The reason the children are super friendly is because they know everyone, or want to know everyone. Seriously, every healthcare professional that walked by was greeted and hugged. And I realized…these other people are like family to them. The children see them so often, the nurses and doctors are such an integral part of their lives, that they’ve become their “home” away from home, so to speak. And when there’s a new face, they don’t feel comfortable with that person being a stranger, so they introduce themselves a have a little conversation with you.
  • The nurses are extremely protective of their “babies”. More so than I’ve ever seen from other nurses on the floors that I tend to be a sitter on.

I’ve said recently and felt pretty confident that I don’t want to be a pediatric nurse. But being in the CCBD yesterday definitely pulled at my heart strings…I could maybe see myself as a heme/onc pediatric nurse…maybe… πŸ˜‰


4 thoughts on “Center for Cancer & Blood Disorders

    • LOL! Well honestly there are so many different reasons and some that I don’t think I could even put into words at this time. It’s just…this feeling that I have. Everyone around me thinks that I’m going to go into peds, but it just doesn’t call to me the way that working with older patients does. I know it’s weird…and who knows, maybe when I actually have my pediatric rotation next semester I’ll change my mind. But for now I feel like I connect more with an adult population.

  1. As a mother of a pediatric oncology patient ( former since he’s in remission), it is one of the best units to be in because everyone is sweet. Only down side that I saw when my son was a patient at Cook Children’s was the parents who were difficult and seeing kids cry when they have to get stuck with a needle.

    • I’m so glad your son’s in remission!! But yes it’s hard to watch children in the hospital because they just don’t understand everything that’s going on sometimes. And yes…the parents…oh my.

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