First Adult 1 Test

Whelp, I took my first Adult 1 test this morning! I walked into the test probably WAY less nervous than I should’ve been, and walked out of the test feeling nothing but relief that it was done. At that point I seriously didn’t even care how I did. That’s how bad my apathy towards this first test of the semester was.

I knew that if I’d gotten a bad grade – or a grade that was below my expectations – that I deserved it. I literally spent a few hours on Saturday and some on Sunday studying for this test. I worked Monday, and then I had orientation for my Women’s class at Parkland all day yesterday (Tuesday). Of course I came home last night and studied as much as I could…but really, for the amount of time and effort that I put into studying for this test I really wasn’t expecting a lot.

I actually did discover something amazing last night while I was studying though…I was on YouTube trying to find a good video that would help me better understand arterial blood gases and in the process stumbled onto a GOLD MINE of videos for nursing students! The username is “Simple Nursing” and I probably ended up watching about 10 videos last night (yes, while I was supposed to be studying) on ABGs and cardiac meds. I understand the RAAS so much better now, and therefore clearly understand ACE inhibitors and ARBs! And I watched videos on beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, and diuretics that made these meds so simple to me. And in actuality, I feel like because I watched these videos I was able to do better on my test today.

So last night I was up until about 0100 studying (more like last-minute cramming. Not a good idea…really, it’s not.) and then woke up at 0400 so I could get a shower in and get to school early and continue studying.

Well I don’t know what I did but something paid off, because I got a 92 on my test!





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