I May Have Found My Specialty…

Whelp….I think I found where I want to be when I grow up.

The ER!

I loved the fast pace and the different assortment of people, ages, diagnoses, medications. I loved the idea of not knowing who you were going to see next. I loved the quick turn around. I loved that the doctors were all on the unit and anytime you needed anything you could just turn around and ask them for it. I loved the almost constant opportunity to start IVs. 😉

There were a few cons, however (as I’m sure there will be no matter where I work): the patient interaction in the ER is MUCH more limited than I’m used to. In fact the nurse sometimes wouldn’t even see the patient until she was discharging them (the turn around really WAS fast…). And I couldn’t help but feel that really the nurse was just there to dispense medication and then discharge the patient. Maybe I just wasn’t there long enough but I didn’t see much critical thinking or assessment skills happening. Or maybe it was just the certain ER I was in.

I’m sure in a bigger hospital, and especially one that is trauma level ranked, there is  plenty more for the nurses to do and I’m sure it’s nothing like what I experienced. However, I still had a wonderful experience and THOROUGHLY enjoyed being in the emergency department. Hopefully I get more rotations in an ED in the future so I can compare and gain more insight on being an ER nurse!

Moving on…yesterday I had my third Adult Health 1 test and came out almost completely unscathed with a whopping 94!! It’s the highest grade I’ve made this semester (sadly). I’m extremely thrilled. Hopefully my upcoming HESI test and finals all produce similar results.

I can’t believe I’m on the tail end of week 12! I literally have only three more weeks of classes, two more clinical days, one aging group project, one research paper, one HESI, one more women’s health test, and three finals standing between me and a very short winter break. Seems like forever away but then again it seems like such a short time given in order to get everything done before I’m finished with this semester. So close!


2 thoughts on “I May Have Found My Specialty…

  1. You’re so lucky! We don’t get an ED rotation in our SON!! Boo! But we do get a capstone where we get to pick two choices & the ED is definitely my top choice. I think I would LOVE the ED. You were cracking me up though with your list of things you have to do before the end of the semester. If I had 3 weeks left & that laundry list I think I’d be panicking a little. Thank God all my clinicals were front loaded this semester. All I have left is one research paper which I’m going to knock out this weekend & a clinical project & then just my final tests! COME ON DECEMBER 10th!!!!

    • Haha yeah I like to make a list in my head of everything that has to be done as I’m nearing the final weeks but that doesn’t always turn out so well due to the sheer overwhelming power of it. 😉 But you have to understand I was excited about that laundry list of things to do simply because it was SO MUCH LESS than everything I’ve had to do every single week for this semester!
      We’re almost done with this semester!! Whoop!

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