Online Final!!

Due to the fact that our roads are still super icy from the ice storm that rolled into north Texas on Thursday night/Friday morning, our campus is closed once again tomorrow morning (Monday) and our Adult 1 final has been converted into a online final!! We will be taking it tomorrow morning at 10am. I’ve been super excited/happy all day. Yes, I still have to study and be prepared, but now I just feel like it’s honestly a load off my shoulders as far as how extensively I need to prepare.

Here’s to praying it goes well! After tomorrow morning I will only have one more final to go before the end of this semester!!



5 thoughts on “Online Final!!

  1. That is AWESOME!!! Can you pretty please send us some ice down in San Antonio?! LOL Just hope you don’t have a mean/unrealistic instructor like I did! She made it one minute per question so you don’t have time to look up answers…I get that because duh, it’s a test. However, that left us no time to read the 15-25 sentence paragraph of a question (case study exam). Grumble. 98% of the class automatically failed due to timing out on question 14 out of 25.

    Good luck to you on all your finals! I start my program on January 6th and I’m utterly giddy!!

    • Oh wow I’ve never even heard of an instructor who put time limits on each question! :-/ I’d probably cry. I’m pretty sure my instructor would never do anything like that…she’s pretty awesome. Here’s to double hoping though! Haha.

      I’m so excited for you!!! Nursing school is so amazing. Sure it’s hard at times but I would NOT give it up for anything!! Let me know how it goes!

  2. Well, I’m doing the LVN program so it’s only a 12 month program. And my graduation present is getting married 5 days after the program is done haha. My blog is at if you want to check it out. 🙂

    • What a great graduation present!! I’m not sure what mine’s going to be just yet. 😉

      We’ll be graduating around the same time, how awesome. Good luck in your program, and I’ll definitely check your blog out!

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