3 More Tests!!

A week from today, I will be DONE DONE DONE with this crazy, hellish semester! I’m so excited right now…I don’t think I’ve been in this great of a mood since the first day back. I’M ALMOST DONE!!

Of course I have to study for finals…I’m three days away from the first one (Mental Health on Saturday) and I haven’t studied yet. But alas, such is my normal habit. Honestly I really will try my best with the three remaining days I have but I’m not expecting much. At this point (sadly) I will be happy with accepting my Bs and moving on.

Just so ready for it to be over.



4 thoughts on “3 More Tests!!

  1. Amber,
    I love this website! I have so many questions; should I post them here or is there a way I can contact you directly? Thank you.

  2. I stumbled across your blog this evening and enjoyed reading a few entries. I just wanted to say keep up the work…you’re getting close to the end. Nursing school is miserable, but you are joining a profession where you touch lives. Next, I want to say that the HESI is a stupid waste of stress. I don’t know why the program emphasizes it so much. If you make it through that though, you will have no problem with your NCLEX. Try not to stress about it. You will be prepared. You don’t need to cram.

    I look forward to seeing you amongst the ranks!

    TWU College of Nursing graduate 2007

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