It’s Over

This semester…this long, grueling, crazy, whirlwind of a semester is finished and I’m free for the summer!!

I ended up with an A in Mental Health (yay!) and a B in both Adult Health 2 and Child Health. I’ll take it! Those grades were hard fought for, for sure. I’m thankful though; with those grades my grade point average is now a 3.8 which means that I will be graduating with honors in December – Magna Cum Laude!!

I have just registered for my final semester in nursing school…my final undergraduate semester. It’s insane to wrap my mind around. I DID get the VA preceptorship that I asked for, and I heard that the preceptored students get to work in the ICU. I hope that’s true!

Also, I am going on a medical mission trip to the Dominican Republic in 15 days. I’m so excited!!!

I would write more but I’m working tonight so I’ve got to get ready. Someday soon I’ll no longer be a PCT but a NURSE. Woah!