It’s Over

This semester…this long, grueling, crazy, whirlwind of a semester is finished and I’m free for the summer!!

I ended up with an A in Mental Health (yay!) and a B in both Adult Health 2 and Child Health. I’ll take it! Those grades were hard fought for, for sure. I’m thankful though; with those grades my grade point average is now a 3.8 which means that I will be graduating with honors in December – Magna Cum Laude!!

I have just registered for my final semester in nursing school…my final undergraduate semester. It’s insane to wrap my mind around. I DID get the VA preceptorship that I asked for, and I heard that the preceptored students get to work in the ICU. I hope that’s true!

Also, I am going on a medical mission trip to the Dominican Republic in 15 days. I’m so excited!!!

I would write more but I’m working tonight so I’ve got to get ready. Someday soon I’ll no longer be a PCT but a NURSE. Woah!




2 thoughts on “It’s Over

  1. Really love your blog, have been following you for over a year now. Hoping to go to TWU nursing also! Miss your posts, please come back soon with lots of updates about your final semester!! Congrats on being almost all the way through, you are going to be a fantastic nurse 🙂

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