18 days until my last final, 21 days until Pinning, and 23 days until GRADUATION!!

vsv (<– the dog decided to contribute to my blog post by licking my keyboard. He says hi!)

You remember that list of last things that I had to do before graduation?? Here’s that list a bit more updated:

  • 2 tests (L&M tomorrow, Communities next Monday)
  • 1 Communities Quiz
  • 1 Communities Project
  • 1 clinical (last one on WEDNESDAY!)
  • 1 Communities Clinical Log (I’ll complete that tonight)
  • 1 HESI
  • 2 finals

I made a 93 on my 2nd Leadership and Management exam, and an 88 on my 2nd Communities exam! My class averages thus far are:

  • Communities: 88%
  • CCI: 93%
  • Leadership and Management: 95%

I have a really good chance at keeping my A in both Leadership and Management and CCI, but I’m pretty sure there’s no way I’m going to make an A in Communities. I’m ok with that (I HATE this class)!!!

I got my invitation to Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) on Monday! So thrilled to be a part of such a prestigious honor society. I also found out that I’m DEFINITELY graduating with honors (Magna Cum Laude).

I picked out my dresses that I’m wearing to Pinning and Graduation also! I just can’t wait to dress up and celebrate. 🙂

Ok that’s all I’ve got for now! I’m ready for Thanksgiving to get here so I can enjoy some family time and good food before finishing out the very last semester of my Bachelor’s degree!!


Last Nursing School Clinical

It’s so surreal; wasn’t I JUST writing a blog post about my very first nursing school clinical? But when I really think about it that was about two years ago. How crazy!! Yesterday was my VERY LAST NURSING SCHOOL CLINICAL.

I took four patients yesterday on the med-surg floor that I was assigned to, and with the help of my preceptor, took care of those patients for 8 hours, including charting on them and discharging one of them! It was a busy, busy day. And I wasn’t even TOTALLY caring for them since my preceptor was the one making phone calls on their behalf and doing the brunt of the discharge work that was required. I can’t imagine having four patients on my own someday soon…it’s terrifying. And also exhilarating. I can’t wait to be a nurse to my very own patients!!

Picture to commemorate my very last nursing school clinical - and the very last time I had to wear TWU nursing school scrubs!!!

Picture to commemorate my very last nursing school clinical – and the very last time I had to wear TWU nursing school scrubs!!!

We took our class pictures on Monday for our pinning ceremony!! And as a side note…our pinning ceremony is only 4 weeks from TODAY!


Some of my classmates in my communities clinical group.

Some of my classmates in my communities clinical group.

Can’t even believe sometimes that I’m here…I’m at the point where I just have to wrap up a few things and then I’m literally going to be DONE. Not just done with this semester, but done with my bachelor’s degree!!

Entering Week 12

It’s the start of week 12 already!!! In a little under 5 weeks I will be graduating!! (And just in case you’re wondering, only 29 days until my last final and only 32 days until pinning!!!)

I’ve had some changes with my CCI schedule…in the middle of October I got an email stating that I was no longer allowed in the ED at the VA due to them taking precautions with potential Ebola situations, so I was given a new preceptor and a new floor – a med-surg floor. Honestly I wasn’t thrilled, for several reasons. I had grown to love being in the ED and I knew what was expected of me, I LOVED my preceptor and we got along really well, and I was scheduled to be done with my shifts on Halloween. Due to the timing of when I was able to get ahold of my new preceptor and begin shifts with her, plus the fact that she works 8hr shifts instead of 12hr shifts, meant that my CCI shifts were stretched out a bit further into November. Instead of only having 4 (12hr) shifts left to complete, I now had 6 (8hr) shifts to complete.

I also thought that I wouldn’t enjoy this new change due to the fact that I’d be on a med-surg floor, but honestly I’ve really had a good time with my new preceptor and on this floor with these patients!! I’ve done a TON more charting and medication administration, as well as looking at lab trends and looking into the H&P of these patients, which I really didn’t do in the ED because our patients were with us for such a short amount of time. At this point I’ve taken up to 3 patients, I’ve given report on 3 patients at the end of the shift (not very successfully, but thankfully the nurse I was giving report to was kind and gave me tips for how to do it better next time), and I should be taking 4 patients on my next and last shift which is this upcoming Wednesday. I can’t believe my VERY LAST CLINICAL IN NURSING SCHOOL is this Wednesday!!!

Tomorrow after our leadership and management test, our entire class is going to be taking a class picture for our pinning ceremony, so we get to wear our scrubs but actually look pretty in them for once, being that we can wear our hair down and wear makeup. Everything is wrapping up so quickly now that I feel like I can’t keep track of it all! I can’t believe that we are so close to being done.

A couple of days ago I bought my graduation announcements, all my honor cords that I will be wearing at graduation, bought my diploma frame (it’s gorgeous!) and registered with Pearson Vue to take the NCLEX. AHHHH.

I took my exit HESI about two weeks ago but I made a 904 on it (which converted to an 83%) so I’m going to re-take it. I don’t feel like I NEED to retake it since I made over an 850, however I figured it’d be good practice, plus I BARELY have a chance at making an A in CCI with that score so if I can get a better score the second time around, then my chances of making an A are much higher (they take the higher of the two scores – they don’t average them out, thankfully!).

So here’s what’s left in this semester and then I’m DONE!

  • 2 tests (L&M tomorrow, Communities next Monday)
  • 2 quizzes (Communities quizzes before each exam)
  • 2 projects (One in Communities, one in CCI)
  • 1 clinical (last one on WEDNESDAY!)
  • 1 clinical log (for Communities)
  • 1 HESI
  • 2 finals

I can’t believe it! I’m so close it’s insane!!

I’m Back!

Hello everyone! I had to make my blog private there for awhile during the whole Ebola situation due to the fact that I had journalists tracking me down at my house to try and get information out of me. I just decided to make everything private for the time being.

But I’m back now! There’s been a TON happening with school that I haven’t written about and that I will get around to writing about soon! (This week!) But for now I have to begin studying for my 2nd Leadership and Management test on Monday…so blogging will have to wait a bit.

BTW, the countdown is ON folks!! Only 30 days until my LAST FINAL of college!!!