3 More Tests!!

A week from today, I will be DONE DONE DONE with this crazy, hellish semester! I’m so excited right now…I don’t think I’ve been in this great of a mood since the first day back. I’M ALMOST DONE!!

Of course I have to study for finals…I’m three days away from the first one (Mental Health on Saturday) and I haven’t studied yet. But alas, such is my normal habit. Honestly I really will try my best with the three remaining days I have but I’m not expecting much. At this point (sadly) I will be happy with accepting my Bs and moving on.

Just so ready for it to be over.



Clinical Preference Survey

I just wanted to clarify what the “Clinical Preference Survey” entailed that I had to fill out for clinicals. My expectations: I thought that the survey would list ALL the hospitals that TWU uses for clinicals, and have us rate them based on where we live and our preference of hospitals.

Reality: the survey had a list of “regions” in the DFW area and we had to pick three regions that we would prefer to stay within, ranked from 1-3.

So, for my survey, I picked (1) Central Dallas, (2) Grapevine/Colleyville, and (3) South Dallas. TWU faculty try their best to give you a region that you prefer based on where you live and how far you want to drive…I’m really hoping for either Central Dallas or the Grapevine area – not South Dallas. I should’ve picked Irving for my third preference but I wasn’t thinking clearly and didn’t realize how much closer Irving would be to me than South Dallas.

I should learn at orientation which region was chosen for me! πŸ™‚

And It Begins

I finally got my acceptance packet/email from the College of Nursing (CON). It contains several items to be completed and checked off, and finally I feel like I’m on my way to beginning this program!! In short, here’s the check-off list:

  • Complete, sign, and return the Confirmation Form (to indicate full-time status).
  • Read the Drug and Background Screen Policy Β and return the signature page.
  • Complete the Clinical Preference Survey.
  • Complete online application for Criminal Background Screening.
  • Pay for Drug Screening.
  • Complete state-mandated immunizations.
  • Receive or update CPR certification.
  • Attend new student orientation.

I’ve completed everything already except for the immunizations and orientation (which isn’t until December 7th!). The only vaccines I still need are meningitis and influenza, and I need to get the TB screening – all of which I’m doing this morning. Then I’ll turn all the vaccine records in on Monday or Tuesday.

I’m SO EXCITED about orientation!! At orientation we’ll be able to register for classes, buy books, sign up for nursing associations, tour the campus, and so on and so forth. I’m excited about meeting new classmates and finding out where I’ll be going for clinicals, too!

I still need to go shopping for scrubs and shoes, too. I hear Danskos are great for nurses…I think I might start there. Our scrub colors are burgundy and white. Burgundy for the pants, and white tops. I think I’m going to buy a burgundy stethoscope to match. πŸ˜‰

I started a facebook group for our class, and I’ve already met so many great girls (and about 5 guy so far) in my class. Last Saturday I met up with 5 others who live in my area to get introductions out of the way. It was fun, and we couldn’t stop talking about nursing school. I have a feeling our anticipation and excitation will die about a week into actual classes, but I’m going to relish it while I can. I also went to lunch with a couple of girls from my patho class yesterday who were also accepted into the nursing program. I love that we’re already somewhat acquainted from patho class and will definitely have some familiar faces in the first few weeks of nursing school.

I found a video on youtube from the TWU graduating class of 2011. It makes me SO eager to begin the next two years of my life!!

I’m IN!!

I got my acceptance email to TWU’s School of Nursing yesterday – October 30 – at 4:17pm!!!

It was really weird because rumors had been flying around school that students were being told it wouldn’t be until tomorrow, which is the 1st, or possibly not even until next week. Tensions were high…students in my patho class all seemed agitated and somewhat condescending towards each other as they all discussed what “their” advisor had told them about when the emails would be sent out.

I was on the phone with Steven when I got my email, and all I said was “you’re not going to believe this.” I had just finished telling him how I thought we wouldn’t get emails until November 1st! But there it was…


I turned in the two forms that were sent with the email, to accept the offer. Now I just wait until I get the official “packet” from the School of Nursing in the mail.


I’m officially a nursing student now!!!