My Meeting

I had a meeting with the admissions coordinator (the AC) for the TWU nursing program yesterday. It went great! Of course I got to Dallas a full HOUR before my meeting, but I killed time by scouting out the nearest Starbucks and grabbing a drink. 😉 Hey, now I know where the Starbucks is!

So, the AC went over my transcripts and answered the few questions I had. Yes, my second attempt at Chemistry would be the grade they accept; yes, they received my TEAS-V score and it was the correct score; my application was in; and, finally, I wasn’t forgetting anything and the classes I’m taking this fall are the only classes I need before nursing school. I’m all set!!

The AC told me several times that I am a “very competitive student.” That’s got to be good, right? Haha.

Truly, the purpose of that meeting was just to ease my mind in the fact that I’ve submitted everything, I’m not forgetting any paperwork, and they had my scores. And now that I’m assured of all this, I can truly relax until November, knowing I’ve done everything I possibly can to make myself the best candidate, and there’s nothing I can do anymore. It’s all out of my hands now.




I wonder if it is normal to want to get into nursing school so bad that my heart hurts?? It truly does. I just can’t stand not knowing yet, after coming so far, if I’m really going to be accepted and starting in the spring. After actually applying for the nursing program, scheduling the TEAS exam, and being in contact with the advisors at TWU, the wait seems even harder now…and I think that’s because this is actually happening. This isn’t just a distant dream that I’m pressing toward anymore, I’m now at the point where I can be proactive about getting into nursing school. But now that I’ve applied, I can also be denied – and that scares me. 

I’m also nervous about making sure that I’m not missing any steps or paperwork in this process. I already had to contact one of the advisors because I realized I filled out part of the application wrong. She got it cleared up for me in no time, but stuff like that makes me even more anxious. What else have I forgotten?  

I definitely will be calling/setting up an appointment with the nursing school admissions coordinator in early August to make sure my file is perfect and ready to go before the September 1st deadline. 

Things I need to double-check with her:

  • Making sure the new grade for the one class I retook – chemistry – will be counted toward my GPA instead of the old grade.
  • Making sure they have my Fall 2012 schedule listed in my file. This is what I missed when filling out my application, and it’s important that they know I’m still finishing (and will have finished!) all my non-nursing pre-reqs before the start of the Spring 2013 semester. 
  • Making sure they received my TEAS score, and that it’s the correct score. I heard a horror story about last semester – a girl was denied because she scored an 85 on her TEAS but TWU received it as a 58! 

I’m pretty sure that’s all I need to confirm…I’m definitely ready to be past the September 1st deadline so that I can try and put all this on the back burner of my mind for two months; after all, there’s nothing I can possibly do at that point so why stress about it, right? 

OMG I just wish it were November already.


I completed my application for TWU’s nursing program today!! Paid the $30 fee and submitted it, and now all I have to do is take the TEAS – which is in two weeks from today. The score will be sent automatically to TWU, so technically I am literally done with the application process aside from taking the test. WHOOP! I can’t believe that I have applied to nursing school…after two years of waiting for this day – waiting to be ABLE to apply – it’s done, just like that.

It’s Summer!

I’ve been done with the spring semester for two weeks now, and it feels SO GOOD. As expected, I made all A’s in my classes, which means I officially have a 4.0 GPA and all my first attempt grades are A’s! My finals were extremely easy…I think the hardest final was the standardized chemistry test, and the one I expected to be the hardest, which wasn’t, was the microbiology final. I was freaking out about that final – feeling WAY less prepared than I actually was. I ended up getting a 99 on the chemistry final, a 100 on my statistics final, a 100 on my developmental psychology final, and a 95 on my microbiology final!

 I registered for and scheduled the TEAS-V test Wednesday!! I really wasn’t sure which day to schedule it for, since I’m not sure how much I need to prepare and how long it’ll take me before I feel ready, so I scheduled it for July 23rd. Hopefully (and probably most definitely) that gives me enough time to study and prepare well for it. I started studying for it last week, and yesterday sat down for hours and finished the reading portion and about half of the math portion. So far, with all that checked off, I’m feeling really confident about it. 

 Maybe I just haven’t gotten into the harder subject material yet, but I can’t help but feel that this test is very elementary. If I get through the study manual quickly and take the two practice tests and do well, then I’ll probably re-schedule the TEAS-V for an earlier date. Then all I’ll need to do is pay $30 bucks and officially submit the nursing school application, and I’ll be done with the whole application process! It’ll be only a waiting game until November. 

Fall 2012 Schedule

The nursing school application opened this morning for the Spring 2013 semester. I won’t be applying anytime soon (probably not until right before or right after I take the TEAS-V) but it’s nice to know that it’s there and just waiting for me. Eek!

 I took my microbiology lab final yesterday, and I must say I walked out of there feeling pretty dang confident that I did well. YAY!! I was pretty stressed leading up to it, considering that it was comprehensive and a 110 question, fill-in-the-blank only test. But I was calm throughout the test and I felt like the answers were coming very well…so, we’ll see. I have a feeling I made an A – and even if I made a B, I would still get an overall A in the class. I’m now done with microbiology lab! And so excited because I only have a week and a half of school until summer!

 I registered for my last non-nursing semester this past week, and achieved a pretty satisfying schedule. I’m not so sure that I’m going to enjoy all the classes; I feel like I’m just doing them because they’re needed for my degree and I have to get them done and out of the way before nursing school.

 My schedule is as follows:


                  Composition II: M&W at 8am-9:20am

                  Intro to Philosophy: M&W at 11am-12:20pm

                  Computer Science: M&W at 1pm-2:20pm

                  Pathophysiology: T&TH at 9:30am-11:20am

                  Gender and Social Change (Women’s Studies): Internet Instruction

The only class I’m excited about is pathophysiology, because it’s an actual nursing class that we’re allowed to take early. It’s the only one that we’re allowed to take before acceptance and we’re strongly advised to do so to make our first nursing school semester less stressful. I’m taking it now because I’m almost positive that I’ll be accepted, but If I were less sure then I’d probably wait, because this class doesn’t transfer to other schools. So if I were to apply to the other nursing schools in the area, such as TCU, UTA, Baylor Dallas, then I would’ve taken a class that I couldn’t transfer over, and I’d have to take patho all over again. So here’s to hoping I’m accepted for TWU’s nursing program in the spring!