I always know when finals are right around the corner because my stress level is THROUGH THE ROOF. This week has been stressful…there’s been some school drama that I’ve had to deal with (in regards to my transitioning as the 2014 president of the nursing student association) and plus we had two tests this past week that I barely had any time to study for. In fact, the HESI that I took yesterday I had zero time to study for.

So on Wednesday we had our third women’s health exam. I studied for a day – on Tuesday – due to wrapping up other assignments on Monday (but now my aging and groups classes are FINISHED!) and finishing up my research paper over the entire Thanksgiving break. It wasn’t really a hard test, and considering  I studied for less than 24 hours, I’m proud to say I made an 86. But that almost guarantees me a B in my women’s health class due to the fact that I need a 100 on my final to get an A. HA! Not happening.

So that was Wednesday afternoon, and then I went to work after that test, so I was unable to study for the HESI that we took Thursday morning (yesterday). I managed to do some practice tests/case studies on the Elsevier website at work, but not much. So Thursday morning I literally went in not knowing what to expect and just praying to God I didn’t let my professors down by failing the HESI. It was a bizarre test, in my opinion, but I didn’t do to bad. Not as great as last semester (when I ended up with an 1116)…but I got enough to pass the “recommended” threshold for HESI scores – a 925. With a conversion score, that equals an 88. It was enough to get me two extra points applied toward my adult health final, so I’m pleased. 🙂

And now I’m sitting at home writing this post with the fireplace going and christmas music on in the background because we had an ice storm in north Texas last night, so therefore TWU (the Denton and Dallas campuses) was closed this morning. Which means that the orientation for the new J1 students that I was supposed to be at was re-scheduled for next week, and this means an extra study day for me! My adult health final is on Monday, my women’s health final is on Wednesday, I have to complete my last research quiz by Wednesday, and then…I’LL BE DONE WITH THIS SEMESTER!!!

  • I’m done with my Groups class completely; finished with an A!
  • I’m completely done with my Aging class; just waiting on our group presentation and my last discussion board post to be graded in order to know what my final grade is. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be an A though.
  • I’m almost done with my Research class; just need to finish the last quiz. I currently have an A in the class, but considering the research paper is worth 50% of the entire class grade and my instructor is a HARD grader, I can easily see that A turning into a B. Maybe even a C. Here’s to crossing my fingers that she loves it!
  • I’m almost done with Women’s Health. One last final! I need a 100 on the final for an A, and a 60 on the final to keep my B. I’m thinking that B is much more doable! 😉
  • And I’m also almost done with Adult Health. Again, only the final remains…and I need an 82 on it to keep my A. I will be studying hard! I don’t want a repeat of last semester, when I only needed an 82 on my Assessment final to keep my A, yet made an 80. :-/

So this weekend I’m going into hardcore studying mode! Ready to knock these two finals out and finish the semester. I can’t believe in just under a week I will be a SENIOR!!!

To end this post on a happy note: I did find out this week that I’m going to be the new Concepts/Fundamentals Peer Tutor for the next two semesters! WHOOP!!


Nursing School Orientation!


So this past Friday, December 7th, was TWU’s orientation to nursing school! It was an exhilarating, terrifying, exhausting, fun, amazing, and humbling experience.

The orientation was scheduled to begin at 8am and last until 2pm, however, we could get there early (about 7:30) to sign in and receive our “welcome” packets. So what do I do? I’m so excited and nervous that I left the house at 6am, thinking that with the traffic traveling to downtown Dallas it would take me a little over an hour to get there.

Whelp. It only took me 35 minutes. I got there at 6:35am! Haha.

I sat in my car drinking the Starbucks that I had picked up on the way over, until about 6:45. I was so excited at that point that I just couldn’t stand it any longer, so I decided that I would sit in the lobby of the building until it was time to sign in. When I got into the building, they were just barely starting to set up! I’m sure they didn’t expect any students so early – but I wasn’t the only one. Almost immediately, other students started to trickle in and we all waited in the lobby together.

Soon, classmates from my pathophysiology class started showing up, so we all got together and passed the time by blabbing. 😉 Around 7:15 we were able to sign in and pick up our packets, and then we sat in the auditorium until 8am as other students showed up and signed in.

From that point on, the orientation was very organized and structured, and ran smoothly to make sure everyone got everything done that needed to be done. The schedule ended up as follows:

8am-10am: Opening Session

  • Welcoming remarks and introduction to the College of Nursing
  • Information about financial aid and payment
  • Introduction to Student Life and student organizations on campus
  • Introduction to professors

10:30-11am: Group Advising Sessions

  • We broke into small groups by color (there were 12 groups, each one ended up being our clinical group for the semester)
  • Met with faculty/clinical instructors for advising and to check for valid ID
  • Depart in small groups by color with student leader for breakout sessions

11am-1pm: Breakout Sessions 

  • Lunch
  • Registration and Financial Aid
  • Immunization Verification
  • IDs and Locks for  the lockers (The locks weren’t available, so I have to pick one up within the first week of classes)
  • Student Organizations – such as the Nursing Student’s Association (NSA) and Student Government Association (SGA)
  • Student Services – such as commuter services, DPS, Health Services, Counseling, etc.
  • Bookstore

1-1:30pm: Check-out 

  • Lab kit distribution (they ended up being on backorder, so we get them the first week of classes as well)
  • Sign-out


I was so excited to meet my clinical group for the semester. Including me, there are 8 girls and one guy in my group; I really like them so far. 😉 I feel like we are going to have a great semester together. One of the girls even lives in my neighborhood, just down the road!

I also bought stuff – A LOT of stuff:

  • I bought two t-shirts and one hoodie
  • I bought a badge reel (I’m going to use it for my volunteer badge though, not nursing school badge)
  • I bought 4 TWU patches that go on our scrubs and lab coat
  • I bought a scrub jacket (we can wear in labs)
  • I bought a monogrammed fleece
  • I bought two name tags
  • And I bought ALL of my books!

I had the option of buying a “book package” from Major’s Bookstore that contained all the books we needed for our first semester, and I did so. We need so many books and online components/codes that I didn’t want to have to hunt them all down separately – and I buy books new anyway because I mark them all up – so I bit the bullet and bought the package. $800 dollars worth of books! Unfortunately I have to wait for the bookstore to call me to pick them up later, as they weren’t available yet. Can’t wait to get them though, and start going through them!

After orientation, a group of about 15 of us went to the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate and de-stress from the morning. We had a great time together!! It was a perfect way to end an awesome morning. 🙂


One of the t-shirts I got from orientation. Lub-dub are the sounds that the heart makes, and TWU is often called t-dub…it’s so clever!


It’s Heeere!!

My stethoscope arrived yesterday! I ordered it online last Friday because I wanted free engraving (the diaphragm was engraved with my name). I got the Littmann Cardiology III in Burgundy. I also bought an ID tag to go around the body of the stethoscope, which the pictures don’t show – it’s black and the label was also engraved with my name so that my sloppy handwriting couldn’t ruin it. 😉

Every day is one step closer to orientation, when I get to buy the rest of my supplies and register for classes! Thankfully with the thanksgiving holiday and the last few weeks of classes and assignments, I’m staying super busy and can’t really dwell too much on the fact that nursing school starts in less than 8 weeks…crazy!


Clinical Preference Survey

I just wanted to clarify what the “Clinical Preference Survey” entailed that I had to fill out for clinicals. My expectations: I thought that the survey would list ALL the hospitals that TWU uses for clinicals, and have us rate them based on where we live and our preference of hospitals.

Reality: the survey had a list of “regions” in the DFW area and we had to pick three regions that we would prefer to stay within, ranked from 1-3.

So, for my survey, I picked (1) Central Dallas, (2) Grapevine/Colleyville, and (3) South Dallas. TWU faculty try their best to give you a region that you prefer based on where you live and how far you want to drive…I’m really hoping for either Central Dallas or the Grapevine area – not South Dallas. I should’ve picked Irving for my third preference but I wasn’t thinking clearly and didn’t realize how much closer Irving would be to me than South Dallas.

I should learn at orientation which region was chosen for me! 🙂

And It Begins

I finally got my acceptance packet/email from the College of Nursing (CON). It contains several items to be completed and checked off, and finally I feel like I’m on my way to beginning this program!! In short, here’s the check-off list:

  • Complete, sign, and return the Confirmation Form (to indicate full-time status).
  • Read the Drug and Background Screen Policy  and return the signature page.
  • Complete the Clinical Preference Survey.
  • Complete online application for Criminal Background Screening.
  • Pay for Drug Screening.
  • Complete state-mandated immunizations.
  • Receive or update CPR certification.
  • Attend new student orientation.

I’ve completed everything already except for the immunizations and orientation (which isn’t until December 7th!). The only vaccines I still need are meningitis and influenza, and I need to get the TB screening – all of which I’m doing this morning. Then I’ll turn all the vaccine records in on Monday or Tuesday.

I’m SO EXCITED about orientation!! At orientation we’ll be able to register for classes, buy books, sign up for nursing associations, tour the campus, and so on and so forth. I’m excited about meeting new classmates and finding out where I’ll be going for clinicals, too!

I still need to go shopping for scrubs and shoes, too. I hear Danskos are great for nurses…I think I might start there. Our scrub colors are burgundy and white. Burgundy for the pants, and white tops. I think I’m going to buy a burgundy stethoscope to match. 😉

I started a facebook group for our class, and I’ve already met so many great girls (and about 5 guy so far) in my class. Last Saturday I met up with 5 others who live in my area to get introductions out of the way. It was fun, and we couldn’t stop talking about nursing school. I have a feeling our anticipation and excitation will die about a week into actual classes, but I’m going to relish it while I can. I also went to lunch with a couple of girls from my patho class yesterday who were also accepted into the nursing program. I love that we’re already somewhat acquainted from patho class and will definitely have some familiar faces in the first few weeks of nursing school.

I found a video on youtube from the TWU graduating class of 2011. It makes me SO eager to begin the next two years of my life!!